I have insulating glass windows in my home that are foggy looking and I can’t seem to get them clean. What can be done to get rid of the fog?

Replacing the insulating glass units in your windows will take care of the problem. What you are seeing is called “inter-pane dusting,” which is a fancy way to say that the seal that holds the two pieces of glass together has failed allowing moisture to settle on the glass panes. Many people have made the expensive mistake of replacing the entire window when all that is needed is new insulating glass units.

How can I get a price quote or estimate for replacing the glass in my broken or fogged window?

Simply measure the width and height of the visible portion of the glass and call us for an estimate. Your measurements don’t have to be exact to get an estimate. If the price looks agreeable based on your dimensions, we can give an exact price once we have measured the glass and determined exact color, thickness, etc.

I want to cover two walls in my basement with mirror to create an exercise room but have no idea what something like that costs. How much do mirrors cost?

Most mirror jobs cost between $9 - $10 per square foot installed. Cut-outs for outlets are about $60 each, plus the cover plate. Clips of different types and channel for frames can be found on the C. R. Laurence page.

I am thinking of putting a dark window film on a couple of south-facing windows to control the solar heat gain. Does T.R Thickstun Glass Company do that type of work?

No, and we don’t recommend the use of film on insulating glass primarily because it voids the warranty issued by the insulating glass manufacturer. Many times, glass will break because the film causes heat build-up within the insulating glass unit. Film isn’t cheap and it doesn’t cost much more to change the glass to tinted glass or a combination of tinted and Low-E glass.

Does TR Thickstun Glass carry Lexan and Plexiglass?
Yes, we can furnish a wide range of plastic sheet products.

Does TR Thickstun Glass remove chips and scratches on existing glass?
No, we do not. However we can replace the glass if necessary.

Does TR Thickstun Glass bid and work on new construction projects?
Yes. Click here to see photographs of our work.

Does TR Thickstun Glass provide and install metal frames and doors?
Yes, we do provide and install hollow metal frames and doors.

What type of door hardware does TR Thickstun Glass supply?
We will provide all major brands of hardware relating to Aluminum and All Glass Doors. Check our supplier pages for specifics. We specialize in panic exit devices for commercial doors.

Does TR Thickstun Glass furnish glass tabletops?
Yes. We can cut custom tops and order thick and beveled pieces. We also handle beveled mirrors.

What type of specialty glass does TR Thickstun Glass provide and install?

We provide and install the following types of glass:

    Blast Resistant Bullet Resistant Security

    Acoustical Fire Rated Seismic

    Detention Safety Laminated

    Insulated Low-E High Performance

    Mirror Monolithic Reflective

    Beveled Mirrors

Does TR Thickstun Glass provide and install sloped glazing or skylights?

No, we do not install skylights.


Does TR Thickstun Glass provide and install art/decorative glass?

Yes, we provide and install almost any type of glass that is specified.
Art glass will require you to supply the original artwork.

Does TR Thickstun Glass repair or install stained glass and/or leaded glass?

No, this requires specialty companies, however stained glass can be purchased from TR Thickstun. Check our supplier, Kokomo Opalescent Glass site and Delphi Glass, for available glass.